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Andrew McInerneyOwner - Andrew McInerney

Aloha adventurers! I was born in Santa Monica, CA. I grew up on Kauai for a time, then moved away to Seattle. I could never get Kauai out of my heart. I explored what Washington's mountains had to offer, while it felt great something was missing, it just wasn't Kauai! After being back for 8 years I started to feel a burning desire to want to help people feel good both inside and out. What better way than to share the healing power of this Island with others, by guiding people to amazing places that can open there hearts and minds to the beauty our inner and outer world. For those that want to take there expansion and healing to the next level I am proud to offer some of the energy healing modalities that I have picked up along my journey. It truly is paradise here. Aloha Healing Adventures.